What AI models are available for use?

We currently support Google Gemini Pro (free), GPT3.5 - 4K/16K, GPT4 - Turbo/8K/32K, Claude3 Opus/Sonnet/Haiku, Mistral Large/Small, DALL·E 2, DALL·E 3, Stable Diffusion v2.1, Stable Diffusion XL v1.0, and more.

Does WikeAI require an API key?
What is the difference between WikeAI and ChatGPT?
Does WikeAI store any of my messages with AI?
Is there a limit to the number of chat messages that can be stored?
How to use the assistant?
Does WikeAI support plugins like internet search?
Does WikeAI support voice synthesis?
Dialogue data errors or display inaccuracies?
How is billing done?
What is the difference between the free plan and the paid plan?
How to upgrade the plan?
Does using AI content require any authorization?